Study sites

Target systems of the project were sandy beaches, their ecosystems and the influencing systems, from the river basin to the transitional and marine coastal waters, namely the systems relevant for an integrated management of Mediterranean coastal zones.

Core study sites (geographic MAP) were chosen near river mouths in the Northern coasts of the Mediterranean (Ombrone river, Italy; Segura river, Spain), and in the Southern (Laou river, northern Morocco; Berkoukech and Bouterfess rivers, north-western Tunisia; Rosetta branch of Nile river, Egypt). The study sites present a variety of environments from watershed to the sea. They were chosen for their national and international interest concerning biodiversity and socioeconomic potential. But these sites present also issues of development, threatening natural and cultural values.


MOROCCO: Oued Laou catchment area


TUNISIA: Berkoukech and Bouterfess basin; Ichkeul Lake


EGYPT: Rosetta branch of Nile river


ITALY: Maremma Regional Park


SPAIN: Segura river basin




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