Maremma Regional park (ITALY)

The Maremma Natural Park is located along the coast of southern Tuscany, in the Province of Grosseto. The Park was established by the Region of Tuscany in 1975, and in 1994 it received a new statute and the denomination of Maremma Regional Park. From a naturalistic point of view the Park makes up a very valuable network of ecosystems thanks to the complex formed by Monti dell'Uccellina, the pinewood of Marina di Alberese, the sandy dunes, the mouth of river Ombrone and the Paludi della Trappola.

The study area consists of an extensive sandy littoral around the locality named Collelungo, enveloped between Ombrone river mouth and the eastward protrusions of the calcareous hills known as Uccellina mountains.  The sediment inputs at Collelungo are intricately linked not only with the natural seaward progression of Ombrone river mouth, but also to the formation of an extensive sandy beach that lines the entire littoral area, as well as the progressive transformation of the former seabed at he locality named Il Paduletto into a raised saline marshland with its characteristic vegetation. Ancillary transport and accumulation of deposited sand by aeolian forces has produced dynamic coastal dunes. Historical records and more recent environmental monitoring schemes indicate that this process has been far from constant and has been profoundly affected (directly or indirectly) by various anthropogenic interventions both within the coastal zone and its Maremma hinterland, as well as throughout the far-ranging watershed of the Ombrone river. In particular, relatively recent reclamation and afforestation projects have arrested much of the seaward discharge of terrestrial sediment.

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Panoramic view of the Maremma Regional Park
by João Neto

The coast along the Maremma Regional Park
by João Neto 


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