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Francesca Gherardi Memorial Prize


Francesca Gherardi

Francesca Gherardi

The Francesca Gherardi Memorial Prize of 5,000 Euro is an annual award, given by the Department of Biology, University of Florence, Italy, to a young researcher who demonstrates outstanding ability in the fields of Crustacean Behaviour and/or Invasion Biology.

The late Professor Francesca Gherardi passed away prematurely on February 14th 2013. Professor Gherardi was an outstanding, internationally-recognised researcher of crustacean behaviour and biology of invasive alien species. She taught zoology and conservation of natural resources at the University of Florence, and was about to be promoted to Full Professorship, which, alas, arrived too late. Her family and colleagues hope that younger researchers would benefit from her legacy.

The prize money is donated by the Gherardi family in memory of their beloved relative. The prize commemorates Prof. Dr. Francesca Gherardi, and is in recognition of the fine example that she set for young scientists.

The Francesca Gherardi Memorial Prize 2019

The 2019 Prize Winner for the research in the field of Animal Invasions in Inland Waters is Dr KATE MATHERS, Eawag (Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology), Switzerland.

The Award Committee was headed by Prof. Felicita Scapini, assisted by Prof. Bella S. Galil, Prof. Marco Vannini and the zoologists of the Department of Biology, University of Florence.

Dr Kate Mathers received the award at the Department of Biology, University of Florence, on occasion of the memorial event in honour of Dr Francesca Gherardi, on 30th May 2019, with the participation of Francesca Gherardi's family.


In this occasion, she presented her research:

"Invasive species: the importance of environmental controls"

( presentation )



  Prof. Giuliana Parisi, University of Florence, presented a memory of Francesca:

"Io e Francesca: l’incontro di due mondi diversi"

(pdf, in Italian)


The 2019 Memorial Event

(photos by A.Cianfanelli and A.Nocita)

Prof. Felicita Scapini, the coordinator of the award committee, and Prof. Paola Bruni introduce the event



Dr Kate Mathers presents her research


Prof. Giuliana Parisi during her talk


Dr Kate Mathers receives the prize


Previously awarded prizes

2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

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