Rosetta branch of Nile river (EGYPT)

The study site is located a short distance from the outlying coastal urban settlements of Rashid (Rosetta), on the promontory that forms the eastern arm of the Abukir embayment.  The site proper lies on the western bank of the Rosetta branch of the Nile, a hundred metres or so from the river mouth.  The area is generally quite flat with a slight, almost insignificant, incline towards the northeast.  Fine sediments characterize the area, together with some gravel-sized particles and pebbles, the presence of which may be the result of fluvial dynamics.  The occurrence of medium size to large boulders, mainly used as a defence mechanism to minimize coastal and fluvial erosion, is attributed to the human agency.   Vegetation throughout much of the area is somewhat sparse, while on the low-lying regions, where Blue-green algae predominate, terrestrial vegetation was noted to be even sparser.


Rosetta branch of Nile river
by Felicita Scapini

The beach at the mouth of Rosetta branch
by Felicita Scapini

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