Laboratorio di Genetica Microbica

Francesca Vaccaro

Francesca graduated in Molecular and Applied Biology with full marks in 2020 at University of Florence. Her master degree internship was carried out at Microbial Genetics laboratory, under the supervision of Prof. Alessio Mengoni. 
During this research experience, she focused on molecular genetics and microbiological aspects of legume-rhizobia interaction and she developed an interest for a rational development of sustainable, holobiont-based legume production systems, such as the application of synthetic microbial communities (SynComs) as bioinoculants.
Currently, she is PhD student in microbial genetics, her thesis focussing on plant-associated microorganisms, including rhizobia and fungi, and in the development of bioinoculants. Within the PhD program a total of one year will be spent in industry (Continental Semences S.p.A.) and at the University of Warsaw, Department of Environmental Microbiology and Biotechnology for a deep characterization of SynComs and their application to crop production. 


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