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BIO Dipartimento di Biologia

Marco Fondi

 Tenure track researcher 


My research activity is mainly devoted to the exploitation of computational biology for the understanding of the basic processes underlying the behavior of biological systems, including the evolutionary dynamics that are responsible for the shaping of their genomes. Also the design and the implementation of algorithms for the analysis of massive sequence data (see here) is a central theme in my research. Furthermore, the possibility to integrate different sources of biological information to unravel the behavior of major biological systems/processes also occupies a central position in my present research area. By integrating "-omics" data with methodologies for modelling biological systems, I aim at developing and implementing computational and statistical models to elucidate the biosynthetic circuits responsible for the production of biological/biotechnological key molecules (including antibiotics, bacterial toxins, secondary metabolites in general). In this context, the use of constraint-based metabolic modelling techniques has gained a fundamental position in my present and future research activity. 

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