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Christopher Riccardi

Postgraduate researcher


Christopher Riccardi obtained his master degree with honours in Genomic, Industrial and Environmental Biotechnology at Sapienza University of Rome. During his thesis and subsequent internship at the Structural Bioinformatics department (Sapienza) he worked on developing an inverse virtual screening molecular docking pipeline for actionable ligand-target interactions identification in Medulloblastoma. His passion for coding is leading him to pursue a career as a bioinformatician, and his skills are currently being fostered at the Biology department at University of Firenze, where he was admitted as a post-graduate researcher. He is currently involved in a PNRA funded project on the identification of transcriptional regulatory networks in Antarctic bacteria as a proxy for global warming effects on microbial life in the Polar Oceans. His comforts include analyzing patterns, disassembling tunes and game (ethical) hacking.


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