Florence Computational Biology Group

Giovanni Bacci

Postdoctoral researcher


Giovanni Bacci is a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Biology of Florence University. He obtained his PhD in Genetics and Bioinformatics from the University of Florence investigating the interactions between bacterial communities and their environment/host. He mainly worked on metagenomic and genomic data obtained from a large set of environments (from soil to iper-saline pound), as well as data collected from animal samples (from the gut of amphipod crustaceans to the human lung). He also worked on developing new bioinformatic pipelines and software for analyzing both metagenomic and genomic data through innovative approaches based on HMM and machine learning algorithms. In the very last part of his career, Giovanni has focused his attention on modelling metabolic interactions from a community perspective by considering biotic and abiotic factors able to shape the community composition itself. He is also currently in charge of NGS data analysis and servers maintenance at the Dep. of Biology. 



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