Florence Plant Stress Lab


The research activity deals with the elucidation of how plants memorize, respond and adapt to environmental changes. Particularly we aimed at understanding how plant memories are epigenetically modulated for their adaptation to environmental stresses linked to climate change (drought, heat stress, heavy metals). The inheritance of these deep and hidden memories is particularly investigated. Biotechnological approaches to improve plant stress resilience and consequently agronomic traits are used in both model and crop systems.

Current specific research activities are:

  1. Clarify how urban plants respond to air particulate matter for phylloremediation.
  2. Developing smart and sustainable more adapted legumes to climate change.
  3. Deep inside epigenetic plant memories to abiotic stresses: drought, heavy metals (nickel, cadmium, chromium).
  4. Improving nutraceutical and stress tolerance traits in crops using CRISPR/Cas9 technique.


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