Task 5 - Guidelines for the elaboration of management plans

Guidelines have been proposed by the APAL for a framework to be used for management of sensitive coastal sites. 



To define the series of actions to take to assure integrated and sustainable management of site. These are: 

  •  the characterisation of the natural site that is object of the management plan; 
  •  the choice of management scenarios; 
  •  the elaboration of the detailed management schema of the scenario chosen; 
  •  the elaboration of a monitoring program.



This implies:

  • a collection of information on physical features, land use, site specificity, landscape, bio-diversity, archaeology, sensitivity and threats; 
  • a diagnostic both environmental and ecological, to estimate balance, risks, evolutionary tendencies and potentialities in a context of sustainable development.


Choice of management scenarios  

This will be made on the basis of the data collected; at least two scenarios will be compared aiming at protection and/or conservation and at the realisation and enhancement of the value of the site; a socio-economic role will be attributed to the site compatible with its ecological specificity. The scenarios have to be agreed with local authorities.


Elaboration of a management plan 

This shall define actions necessary for the conservation of natural, cultural and landscape heritage of the site without constrain its economic and social development. Actions are: 

  •  management actions for the realisation and enhancement of the value of the site; 
  •  technical, correction and mitigation measures to assure integration of management; 
  •  directions for site protection; 
  •  interrelationships among institutions, actual and potential actors of management; 
  •  definition of indicators of site evolution and their monitoring; 
  •  logistics needs to assure management monitoring; 
  •  cost estimation; 
  •  impact study both environmental and socio-economic. 


Elaboration of a monitoring program 

A monitoring program should be part of the plan to assure continuity.


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