Laboratorio di Genetica Microbica

Camilla Fagorzi

Camilla is post doctorla researchers in the Laboratory of Genetics at the University of Florence.  

She graduated in Biology with full marks and honors at University of Florence. During her master degree she performed a research experience in the Department of Clinical Physiopathology University of Florence, under the supervision of Prof. Michaela Luconi. Her bachelor degree internship has been carried out in the Laboratory of Genetics at the University, under the supervision of Prof. Renato Fani.

She did her PhD in co-tutoring with George diCenzo on microbial ecology and genomic evolution in rhizobia, with special interest in Sinorhizobium meliloti and its close relatives. During her PhD she also focused on the study of microbiomes, from both clinical and environmental samples.

Presently, she has a postdoctoral fellowship on the ALL-IN research project (ERA-NET SusCrop), aimed to develop genome-based solutions for optimizing rhizobial strain selection in bioinoculant formulations for sustainable agriculture improvement.




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