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BIO Dipartimento di Biologia

Marco Bazzicalupo

Full professor of Genetics (see @unifi)


Short CV

1973: Degree in Biology (Laurea), University of Pavia

1975-1985: Institute of Genetics, University of Florence.

1986-1987: Department of Microbiology, University of Guelph, Canada.

1987- 2000: Associate Professor of Microbial Genetics, University of Florence.

2001-present: Full Professor of Genetics, University of Florence


Research Field:

- Molecular genetics and physiology of symbiotic nitrogen fixing bacteria; genetics and genomics of Sinorhizobium.

Molecular microbial ecology and evolution of soil bacteria.

- Population genetics of plants associated, rhizospheric and endophytic bacteria.

- Population genetics of metal tolerant plants.


Author of about 100 peer-reviewed publications.


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