Work package 3: Links between compartments and evolutive scenarios

Objectives of this work package were:


1.  Identification of past changes to anticipate future changes; 

2. Choice of suitable ecological indicators for environmental quality assessment; 

3. Definition of the best possible strategies for coastal system sustainable use and development.


General strategy. The aims of work package 3 were to exploit and integrate data proceeding from work packages 1 and work package 2 identifying:

a) past trends regarding the different target systems, and 

b) connections between these and future changes and management scenarios. 

Consequently, an important component of this work was the selection of suitable ecological indicators for environmental quality assessment, which were considered to be indispensable in optimising strategies for coastal systems sustainable use and development.


On the whole, the activities carried out within this work package have established a basis of discussion with local stakeholders, particularly environmental managers and authorities at the different study sites. It was clear that the methodology had to be adapted to the local specificities to have any chances of success. The actions undertaken for stakeholder participation will be carried on in WADI project, starting from the pieces of experience gained within MEDCORE, and taking advantage of the products obtained, such as books specific for the study sites, synthetic tables and conceptual frameworks.


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