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Task 3 - Socio-economic work package


To monitor and assess socio-economic activities, with specific reference to tourism, on a sample of beaches in order to provide information to enable the correlation of activity and management  practices with biological activity and diversity.


Research Phases


 Phase 1 

  •  Review literature; 
  •  Clarify spatial & temporal frameworks at sites; 
  •  Finalise research design and methodologies. 

 Phase 2 

  •  Carry out audits to establish baseline data on: 

 - Economic and developmental characteristics and activity; 
 - Socio-cultural characteristics, and values of coastal area; 
 - Human use of coastal resources and management; 
 - Tourism activity and management; 

  •   Familiarisation with wider coastal area. 

 Phase 3 

  •  Carry out stakeholder analysis; 
  •  Identify resource use conflicts and environmental impacts; 
  •  Identify constraints on, and potentials for, development; 
  •  Carry out market assessment for tourism development; 
  •  Consider need for comparative research. 


 Phase 4 

  •  Identify strategies for sustainable development 
  •  Produce range of indicators


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