Laboratorio di Fisiologia Vegetale

Laboratory of Plant Physiology

Who we are?

We are passionate researchers of the plant world and its fascinating ability to respond to environmental stresses and adapt to extreme conditions.

What do we study?

Historically, the Lab research activity focuses on the heavy metal tolerance strategies of spontaneous plants naturally adapted to grow on contaminated soils (metallophytes), such as mining landfills and serpentine soils. These studies have an important practical impact, considering the enormous potential of metallophytes for applications in natural remediation techniques (phytoremediation).


Our studies often begin in the field, by exploring the natural habitats of metallophytes. Much of the research activity is, however, carried out through lab experiments, growing plants in controlled conditions.


The Lab is located near Piazza San Marco, in the heart of Florence city centre, surrounded by the wonderful "Giardino dei simplici" botanical garden.


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