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BIO Dipartimento di Biologia

Partner 4



Name Address Role within the project

Mr. Louis  Cassar

IEI – University of Malta 
Old University Building,  
St. Paul Street,  
Valletta. MALTA  

Overall Co-ordinator: Malta team; 
Task Co-ordinator for Geographical Characterization
Coastal dune specialist;  
Overall responsibilities:  
(i) geomorphology, land forms, habitat types and land-uses; 
(ii) identification of existing conflicts and conservation potential.

Prof. Patrick  Schembri

c/o IEI; and  Department of Biology 

Chief Scientist: Malta team;  
Co-ordinator for Biological Characterization (Malta sites), incl. Inventory of biota

Mr. Edwin Lanfranco

c/o IEI; and  Department of Biology 

Overall Botanist in charge (Vegetation-types; micro-flora)

Ms. Diane Micallef

c/o IEI

Research Assistant (Biology)

Ms. Josianne Vassallo

c/o IEI

Research Assistant (Geography)

Mr. Stephen Schembri

c/o IEI


Prof. Ewan Anderson

c/o IEI

Geophysical Scientist

Dr. Chris Hunt

c/o IEI

Geophysical Scientist

Dr. Charles Galea Bonavia

c/o IEI

Junior Scientist (Avifauna)

Mr. Paul Gauci

c/o IEI

Regional Planner

Dr. Anne Jones

c/o IEI

Human Geography Specialist

Mr. Darrin Stevens

c/o IEI

Junior Scientist (Botany)

Ms. Miraine Rizzo

c/o IEI; and  Department of Biology

Research Assistant (Faunistics)

Ms. RoseMary Ballian 

c/o IEI

Junior Scientist (Biology)

Mr. Adrian Mallia and delegated professional staff of the EMU-PA

Head, Environmental Management Unit of the Planning Authority 

Socio-economic component 
Management plans

Mr. Alfred E Baldacchino

Environment Protection Department 

Management plans


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