Medcore Conference: Presentation

MEDCORE project aims at preserving the natural resources of Mediterranean coastal areas by contributing to sustainable management of the areas. Some of these resources, such as marine water, fisheries, fresh water, coastal forests, agriculture, habitat and species diversity, recreational areas, are very important at the national level and internationally, for their physical and human links, and represent a common heritage within the Mediterranean region.

Baseline ecological surveys on selected coastal sites in Italy, Spain, Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia, representative of common issues in the Mediterranean, have been conducted aiming at a better understanding of existing linkages of the various components. The ecological baseline has been exploited through the development of early warning indicators of coastal ecosystem degradation on different levels of integration.

The definition of guidelines and ecological criteria for preservation of environmental quality through the identification of functional links between elements of coastal ecosystems and influencing zones has permitted a horizontal analysis comparing sites and scenarios along the Mediterranean coasts, differing for specific features, and a generalisation of results both at regional and international scale.

The international conference will present the achievements of the research within the project, compare them with other case studies over the Mediterranean and with similar issues worldwide, propose syntheses, and promote the common Mediterranean culture.

The conference is open to multidisciplinary contributions on geo-political, socioeconomic, sociocultural and ecological aspects.


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