Management plans

Existing management plans for the chosen sites were evaluated and new ones proposed, based on the databases developed within the project. A general framework was applied with the aim of protection and development of the area. The development of the management plan consisted in three phases: the site characterisation, the development of management scenarios and the implementation plan. The diagnostic produced for each site by the MECO experts was used to develop measures for sustainable management. For the Smir area in Morocco a modular management plan has been produced, including several actions, which can be proposed and implemented independently. The novelty of the plan is the involvement of the local population, a measure intended to assure the sustainability of the management. For the two Tunisian sites management plans have been developed, which will be implemented in the next future. At Zouara the development of an ecotourism, both in the forest and the beach, has been proposed. What was intended for ecotourism was discussed within the partnership as well as the need of a monitoring program, which will have the MECO data base as starting point. The Kneiss Islands have been proposed as a natural area of international value to be preserved as it is. The need for the socio-economic development of the local population, one of the poorest in Tunisia, has been pointed out. For the sites in Malta, land-use conflicts and mismanagement have been identified, and management priorities and mitigating measures proposed to "save what is still there". The MECO project has contributed in highlighting the natural value of those pocket beaches and dune remains.


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