Zouarâa-Nefza: human pressure and issues

There is currently a dam in construction across the Zouarâa wadi to the South to provide water for agricultural development. Once completed the dam will disrupt the sedimentation action of the wadi and this probably will have serious effects on the stability of the local coastline, as the beach is maintained by accretion of sediments from the wadi system itself.

Human impact regarding the dunal vegetation cover is the cutting of Ammophila arenaria, which is used by local to make coffins and baskets.

Afforestation of woodlands was undertaken between 18 and 30 years ago to stabilise the dunes (species include Eucalyptus, Pinus maritimus, Pinus pinea). 

In addition,  an airstrip has recently been constructed in the dune area.  This has led to increased pressure for tourism development. 

The areas behind the dam will be used for agricultural development upon the completion of the dam project. 


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